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DWI For Drugs

Interviewer: Of the DWI cases you see, what percentage are due to alcohol versus drugs; whether prescription drugs or illegal drugs?

David: I say alcohol would be the great majority, 80% or more. It is somewhat difficult for the government to actually establish that a drug has actually put the person under the influence.

Again, a brand new statute went into effect January 1st. It used to be that they could go forward with DWIs based on controlled drugs; basically drugs that are illegal to possess. Now, they have actually expanded it to include prescription drugs.

So if you were to overdose on your medication and find yourself all over the road, they could accuse you of driving under the influence of prescription medication.

Interviewer: So the vast majority of cases are alcohol related.

David: That is correct.

It gets interesting. Drug defense cases get somewhat more expensive for the government to prosecute because the government has to bring someone in to testify that the person was under the influence of the drugs.

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