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Greater Manchester Attorney For Domestic Violence Defense

In New Hampshire, if police called to an alleged scene of domestic violence discover probable cause that a crime has been committed, they are required to make an arrest. That crime may or may not involve any actual assault, spousal abuse or physical violence. Making threats, violating a no-contact order and a range of other offenses against a spouse, relative or intimate partner may bring domestic violence charges as well.

Domestic violence is a very serious issue, and New Hampshire lawmakers have focused substantial attention on it in recent years. Under current laws, it is absolutely critical to understand the specific charges against you and all consequences of conviction. I am David Horan, a long-standing criminal defense lawyer in Manchester who will personally focus on your case and provide clear, informed legal guidance.

Clear, Knowledgeable Counsel And Aggressive Advocacy For The Accused

Too often, people accused of misdemeanor domestic violence plead guilty and accept consequences that seem manageable — only to learn later that their jobs, immigration status or other critical aspects of their lives were on the line as well. Your need for effective legal representation is even clearer if you are facing a felony domestic violence charge. If I represent you, I will focus on:

  • Working quickly and effectively to secure the most favorable bail conditions possible in your case — a vital step that may determine whether you can go home while the case is pending, among many other issues
  • Helping you consider the total potential impact of a conviction on your life today and in the future, including how it could impact a divorce and access to your children
  • Thoroughly evaluating police reports, witness statements and all other evidence in your case to discover strategies for your defense at trial or negotiations with the prosecutor

Every Decision Matters · Do Not Wait To Contact An Attorney You Can Trust

My relevant experience in courts throughout our area covers a vast range of specific criminal charges, from assault to criminal mischief, interference with personal freedom and many more. I will take the time to get to know you, enabling me to fully understand your needs and portray you in the best possible light. For a free initial consultation, call 603-483-3417, 800-737-3809 (toll free) or email me right now.

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