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Greater Manchester Drug Charge Defense Lawyer

Unlike in all other New England states and many more across the nation, simple possession of marijuana is still a crime here in New Hampshire as of mid-2014. By the letter of the law, penalties for having an ounce of pot or less can include jail time and thousands in fines. Penalties for intent to sell marijuana and charges involving heroin, cocaine, many prescription drugs and other controlled substances are far more serious than that.

It is critical to understand that any drug conviction on a person's criminal record can be a major barrier impacting employment, education and other opportunities. Avoiding conviction should be the top priority for any first-time drug offender and for any concerned parent with a child in this situation. I am defense lawyer David Horan, and I offer the honest, comprehensive legal counsel that people coping with misdemeanor and felony drug charges need.

Experienced, Trial-Proven Representation · Genuine Concern For Your Future

I have been practicing law in New Hampshire courts for more than 35 years. My early career experience as a prosecutor in Hillsborough County gave me perspective and insights that remain invaluable in my criminal defense work today. In approaching drug cases, I emphasize:

  • Informing clients of collateral consequences of a drug conviction they might not otherwise consider, including ineligibility for federal student loans
  • Investigating cases thoroughly and exploring all strategies for earning a dismissal or acquittal, including establishing that an illegal search and seizure occurred
  • Presenting legal options based on strong familiarity with the circuit court or superior court where the case will be heard, including the approaches of its prosecutors and judges
  • Striving to earn the best possible outcome given the client's individual circumstances — often involving substance abuse evaluation and treatment, community service or other alternatives to prosecution

Call 603-483-3417 Or 800-737-3809 (Toll Free) For The Counsel You Need

If you are looking for a drug crime defense attorney in Greater Manchester, Concord, Nashua or another area community, I encourage you to contact me for a free initial consultation. I will speak with you directly and offer the basic guidance you need to make a sound decision about your defense representation.

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